PNR status check


Check the Passenger Name Records (PNR) status  of Indian Railways or IRCTC booking  very easily! Just enter the 10 digits of PNR and receive PNR Status.

  • How to find the PNR number:  Look at your ticket to left top corner
  • Where to check your ticket reservation: Use our website or check at Railway stations of Southern/ Northern/ Central Railways

Station codes & Train Schedule & Seat availability of Indian Railways:

Here you can make enquiry for:

Official website of Indian Railways is :

PNR status checking by SMS

You can also check the PNR status by SMS and get the response back with a reservation and seat number. Note that these services are billed.

  • SMS:PNR<10-your PNR Number> to 139 (F.e.number 9876543210)
  • SMS:PNR<10-your PNR Number> to 54959
  • SMS:PNR<10-your PNR Number> to 5676747
  • SMS:IRPNR<10-your PNR Number> to 57886

How PNR status works

If you decide to travel across India by train, you can book your ticket 60 days in advance. The earlier you book the higher chance to get confirmation of coach and train is. Whenever  your reservation cannot be confirmed, you will get the status of WL or RAC:

What does it mean WL ?

Waiting List means that your seat or berth are not confirmed. It can be granted only if the required number of confirmed or RAC ticket is cancelled. About the daily number of WL always decides railway officials. Whenever is the daily number of the waiting list reached, you will receive REGRET status from the ticketing system. (Regret status means, that you cannot buy this ticket at the moment.)

What does it mean RAC?

Reservation Against Cancellation means that you have reserved sitting in the train of requests class but without a berth.In this case is there a possibility of  last minute cancellation and a chance of getting the bearth. Holders with RAC tickets can board the train and are seated in two side chairs – that means that for example one person with RAC ticket get the berth at the end and the other RAC holder will get chairs.

What does it mean WL & RC numbers?

lets have an example: WL17/W12, WL25/RAC19

First number means the status of purchasing the ticket . Second number means your position at the moment – when you purchased your ticket, you were on the waiting list at position 17. There were 5 cancellations and you are currently at position 12.

Where to check your status?

Youcan always check your PNR status and position at the official website of Indian Railways or on PNR status portal or using our form on top of this page.

Just dial your 10-digit PNR numbers and get the your possition immediately.